Brave Women Leaders: Kim van der Woerd

March 25, 2022

Kim is featured on the Brave Women Leaders Blog by Jen Murtagh coaching + consulting.


What does bravery mean to you?

I’m so grateful for this question, and it has definitely given me pause for thought. It happens to be Orange Shirt Day as I write this, and I’m immediately reflecting on the Indigenous children who were taken from their families and how they had to demonstrate bravery in the most terrifying time of their lives. I think about the bravery of the Indigenous families who faced their grief of their families being torn apart, and actively resisted. I think about tenacity and bravery of our ancestors who took our languages and ceremonies underground and hid, knowing that these brave acts would provide comfort, solace, integrity, identity and strength for their descendants.

I think bravery shows up in Indigenous families who continue to navigate and work through the impacts of colonialism – who do so with fierce commitment to speak up and speak out about injustices. I think about the bravery of our communities who continue to find joy and humour in the face of ongoing injustices, and just how powerful it is to continue to love and persevere. I think bravery shows up in embodying who you are meant to be and respond to the ancestral wisdom that has been passed through to my generation.

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