YWCA Metro Vancouver: The Next 125 Ambassador, Dr. Kim van der Woerd

February 7, 2022

In Feb 2021, Kim was interviewed by YWCA Metro Vancouver on the next 125 ambassador.


What is your favourite thing about the YWCA? What area of the organization’s work is most important to you?

I have so many favourite things about the YWCA! Having served on the Board for six years, I’m so impressed and inspired by the team that they have created with a shared commitment to their vision and mission. Personally, the work that they do that is most important to me is the work around reconciliation and amplifying the ongoing need to speak up and speak out on issues that continue to target Indigenous women and families. 

What drew you in to the YWCA?

My first connection was through the Inner Circle events (about 14 years ago) where the YWCA showcases their work and brings together supporters and new supporters to connect and talk about the issues that affect single moms and families. We went to a breakfast Inner Circle event and joined right away - we were profoundly impressed with how the YWCA delivers services and thinks deeply about making a difference. 

What value does the YWCA hold for future generations?

It would be my dream that the YWCA worked themselves out of existence and that we achieved equality, and more importantly, equity for women and families. The YWCA has the opportunity to be reflexive on how they continue their advocacy and services that undoubtedly will continue to have meaningful impacts for women and families. 

Click here to view the full original interview on the YWCA website: https://ywcavan.org/blog/2021/02/next-125-ambassador-dr-kim-van-der-woerd