Research and Evaluation

Our team takes a human-center approach to Indigenous culturally responsive evaluation. With expertise in the development of measurement, evaluation frameworks, and research plans, Reciprocal Consulting provides clear qualitative and quantitative data suited for technical and community-friendly reports. We are committed to OCAP/OCAS principles and ethical research practices.

Indigenous Anti-Racism and Decolonization

Reciprocal Consulting conducts organizational reviews of policy, process and practices with a decolonial and Indigenous anti-racism lens. We provide action-based recommendations for ongoing learning. Additionally, we have experts on hand with experience teaching and facilitating workshops and courses focused on Indigenous racism, white supremacy, reconciliation, and the ongoing impacts of colonization.

Project Consultation and Mentorship

Our experts are also available to provide consultation and guidance in the many spaces Reciprocal Consulting works in. This can look like participating in one-on-one or group meetings, facilitating and co-creating materials, or providing critical feedback.

Strategic Planning

With a shared understanding of goals in mind, our team facilitates values-based strategic planning and the co-creation of a sustainable path forward.


Our experience engaging with varied audiences allows us to share information and gather feedback in a safe and inclusive manner.

Project Management

Reciprocal Consulting has expertise in supporting organizational project management. This includes the creation of tools and processes such as budgets, memorandum of understandings, terms of reference, job descriptions, and policy documents, among others. Furthermore, we have the capacity to support administrative needs such as scheduling, hosting meetings, creating meeting agendas, recording minutes and other administrative tasks.